Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IBM es una mierda

Muy bien, estaba viendo NFL network y apareció un anuncio que me hizo recordar lo mucho que me emputa la gente que piensa que el planeta esta en sus manos.
Parece ser que los pendejos gringos no están conformes con llamar a su país “America” asumiendo que ellos son TODO el puto continente, lo cual me provoca un nivel de encabronamiento masivo cada vez que escucho alguien decir “I live in America” prosigo con un… “yeah me too dumbass, the states are not the whole fucking continent douchebag..” No, no es suficiente ahora IBM lanza su comercial de “Lets make a smarter planet”.


Realmente no mamen, el pedo del mundo no es volverlo mas inteligente, eso es básicamente lo que lo ha hecho cagada. ¿IBM es la respuesta del mundo?
Chequen esto:

I.B.M. Toxic-Chemical Suit Heads to Court

Published: October 13, 2003
Working in I.B.M.'s plant in San Jose, Calif., in the 1970's and 1980's, Alida Hernandez thought she had the dream job, assembling computer disk drives for what was then the most prestigious company in the electronics industry.
But eventually, Ms. Hernandez said, the chemicals she worked with caused her to lose her sense of smell. ''I thought it was just part of the job,'' she said. Then two years after she retired in 1991, Ms. Hernandez discovered she had breast cancer and eventually underwent a mastectomy.
James Moore worked in the San Jose disk drive factory for nearly 30 years. In his first four years there, he said, he worked with chemicals that he would later learn were toxic. In 1995, he contracted a largely incurable form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma and has undergone radiation treatment. Mr. Moore, who has retired, says he sometimes has trouble breathing.
Neither Mr. Moore nor Ms. Hernandez can say for certain how they contracted cancer, but both say they know one thing for sure: Through much of their working lives, they were exposed to chemicals on the job that at times made them feel sick, often landing them in the offices of I.B.M.'s on-site doctors who they say would treat them and send them back to work.
Now they are both suing the company, and several of its chemical suppliers, in a long-pending case that goes to court this week and is being watched throughout the electronics industry.
''This is the farthest that anyone has come to making the connection between the chemicals used in the manufacture of electronics and cancer,'' said Ted Smith, executive director of the Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition, an environmental group in San Jose. ''This case is the cutting edge.''
The case is the first of more than 200 similar worker lawsuits against I.B.M. in various states to reach the trial stage.
I.B.M. 's lawyers insist there is no evidence that Ms. Hernandez or Mr. Moore became sick as a result of exposure to chemicals they used on their jobs. They say that I.B.M.'s doctors could not have known whether the ailments employees complained of, many of them documented in company health records, resulted from''systemic chemical poisoning'' -- as the lawsuit contends -- or were simply ordinary symptoms of other ailments.
I.B.M. also denies the accusation on which the plaintiffs' suit hinges -- that the company knew its employees were suffering the effects of chemical poisoning and chose to cover it up.
Robert Weber, an I.B.M. lawyer with Jones Day, the firm that represented R.J. Reynolds Tobacco in its legal battles with smokers, said the cover-up accusation was ridiculous. ''The allegations of fraudulent concealment, that managers were lying to employees, how much sense does that make?'' Mr. Weber asked.
Richard Alexander, the lead lawyer for Mr. Moore and Ms. Hernandez, says it is clear from employee health records and other evidence that I.B.M. physicians knew employees were suffering higher-than-average rates of cancer.
Yet, on Thursday, in a blow to Mr. Alexander's argument, the judge in the case threw out what the plaintiffs said was a critical piece of evidence: a study of I.B.M.'s records of employee deaths over the 30 years that ended in 2000. The judge, Robert Baines of the Santa Clara County Superior Court, ruled that the study was irrelevant and potentially confusing.
Jury selection is scheduled to begin Tuesday in Judge Baines's court in San Jose for a trial that is expected to last several months.
The case could have ramifications throughout the high-technology sector, particularly in the hard drive and semiconductor industries where many of the same chemicals were in widespread use in the fast-growth years of the 1970's and 1980's. Legal experts contend that a ruling favorable to the workers could open the door for more lawsuits and more attention to improving chemical safety.
''A verdict for the plaintiffs in this case could set a precedent for other cases pending against I.B.M., and also could encourage the filing of other cases against I.B.M. and other companies in the semiconductor industry,'' said Craig Bloomgarden, a lawyer with Steefel, Levitt & Weiss, in San Francisco, who specializes in such cases but is not associated with the I.B.M. case.

Ósea va, esto solo indica la puta mentira que son los medios masivos y la mierda que es la propaganda, de igual forma si solo haciendo discos duros a la vieja esta le dio cáncer de seno, ahora imaginen lo que desecha IBM y como hace mierda el ambiente, eso si son bien “IBMers” Chingen a su madre.

Lo que el mundo necesita es encabronarse, hacer que aparezcan mutaciones encabronadas que maten a medio mundo y el puto ser humano regrese a vivir para sobrevivir, no a vivir envuelto en cagada publicitada en medios masivos pendejos.

Solo para acabar con estos pendejos checken

Toxic waste suit filed against IBM
Posted by
Elinor Mills

Lawyers for about 90 current and former residents of New York state filed suit against IBM on Thursday alleging that chemicals from an IBM plant have caused congenital heart defects in infants and kidney cancers in adults, and continue to cause problems.
The tort lawsuit claims that the plant released hundreds of thousands of pounds of toxic and hazardous chemicals, including trichloroethylene (TCE), into the air, soil, and groundwater of Endicott, the birthplace of IBM, and the nearby town of Union over several decades.
A "toxic plume" continues to expose residents to hazardous vapors, according to the lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court for the State of New York in Broome County. More lawsuits, alleging wrongful death and personal injury, among other claims, are expected to be filed in coming months, the lawyers said a statement.
"As we explained to plaintiffs' lawyers before they filed this case, these suits have no basis in science or law, and IBM will defend itself vigorously," said IBM spokesman Michael Maloney.
IBM, which operated the plant from 1924 until it was sold in 2002, has paid out more than $2 million and taken other actions to clean up the contamination. The lawsuit alleges that the remediation efforts are not adequate.
Update 11:45 a.m. PST: IBM built all sorts of equipment at the plant, including typewriters, mainframe computers, printed circuit boards, and integrated circuits.
The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for property devaluation and loss of business value and income, and for personal injuries. Plaintiffs also seek punitive damages, as well as attorneys fees, among other things.
IBM won a lawsuit filed against it in 2003 by two IBM employees who alleged they got sick from working with chemicals at a San Jose, Calif., semiconductor plant and eventually developed cancer as a result. IBM at one time faced more than 100 similar cases around the country, but they were eventually
settled or dismissed.


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