Monday, September 24, 2007

Lo que le caga a space notcho

Que pzo bue , ora si que pena k , este programa esta mal y no se le entiende k , todo comenzo
So, did you miss John Madden blathering on and on during football games yesterday? Neither did we. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals didn't either.
In fact, the Philadelphia Daily News reports that one of America's most annoying lobbies got their fur in a bunch after Madden devoured his traditional Thanksgiving Turducken during the telecast of Monday night's Eagles- 49ers game. A Turducken, by the way, is a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.
In a statement, PETA said, "Kindhearted Philadelphia Eagles fans were appalled to see seriously overweight NFL announcer John Madden tear apart a Turducken with his bare hands ...." Kindhearted Eagles fans? Is there such a thing?
After the game, PETA promptly shipped off tofu-based "Tofurky" treats for the announcing crews at CBS and Fox who covered the NFL games yesterday. PETA suggested that the announcers give the game MVPs a slab of soy rather than the turkey legs Madden once dispensed. This is the same group that once proposed that the team from the frozen tundra change its name the Green Bay "Six-Packers," as homage to that region's brewing history, rather than the meat-packing industry. Gotta give 'em points for creativity .
By a score of 4-2-1, these results have us in "udder" shock. We can’t stand Madden, but ... PETA?? We might have to go for milk-fed veal chops tonight to help us deal with this new strange bedfellow ...
No ma , la neta si hay algo que me de mas miedo que las cucarachas y los chicharos son los guajolotes , cuando se te ponen pendejos es lo peor. Por eso cuando se meten las pinches mods al cuarto digo , lo bueno es que no es un guajolote.

Bien hecho hijo , se lo merecia

Lo que le caga al space notcho

Al Space notcho le caga : Ps lo de las focas en Canada no k . La gente se preocupa por no tirar basura en la calle mas bien deberian de preocuparse de lo que le paso a seabert , y aparte de todo ps no mames tambien los blancos les muerden las nalgas y las orcas juegan voley ball con ellas .Pero bueno k nada se compara como se ponen estos pinches locos a matarlas .


Robocop 2 said...

jajaja, que pinche risa las focas madreadas.....!!!

Mother earth said...

save the nature!!!! and fuck you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wey, creo que he superado mis miedos hacia las moths, gracias a los guajolotes de la shit