Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tuti Frutti Summer Love

Aqui les dejo otra entrega de Gunther and the Sunshine twats:

Algunos comments que me encontre sobre el video:

- LMAO WTF is up with the random/split-second naked dude jumping?!?!?!

-OMG YOU GUYS GETTING SO ANGRY ABOUT PENIS?! WHAT ABOUT GIRLS!? WE NEVER EVER SEEN PENIS. Its ALL about the boobs isnt it? How many porn do you watch and only see boobs? No Penis. So shove it....YAY GUNTHER XD!

- I can't believe ive only just discovered gunther. Where has he been all my life!

- lol yea whats up with one of those random tampoline scenes having a naked guy with banans?? and the dudes have to ride in the bitch seats with whitey tighties what the fuck

- its a no no and you like it... Gunther if I ever met you i'd turn gay..

Pura diversion con este bastardo.


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